social security number (NISS) if you’re employed or self-employed; Once you’ve registered you’ll get a health number (número de utente de saúde). Lisbob, the expatriate assistant, tells you all about the priority groups and the dates of the vaccination phases in Portugal. How to apply (obtain) social security number (NISS) as freelancers: The document of freelancer registration certificate issued by tax authority along-with others supporting documents as such Schengen visa, Portugal entry declaration with SEF, NIF (tax number), Junta (Address Registration proof), bank account, a response letter from sponsored company attested by a … How to apply for a Social Security number (NISS) in Portugal. Die Steuernummer heißt offiziell NIF (Número Identificação Fiscal), umgangssprachlich auch n° Contribuinte (abgekürzt: n° contr.) Limitations for UK travellers to Portugal set up. It is also known as contribution number (Numero de Contribuinte) or personal tax number. presidential. Powered By Liferay. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive the latest news and updates from Dispatches Europe. It can be a bit complicated to get its social security number in Portugal. It takes patience to get his Portuguese NISS as a foreigner. Saiba que Portugal é um dos melhores países para viver, que tem uma fiscalidade atrativa para os estrangeiros e um setor imobiliário competitivo. Even though it’s not mandatory, it is definitely a relief to know that you can count on a public health system during times like these.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'dispatcheseurope_com-box-3','ezslot_3',117,'0','0'])); NISS stands for Número de Identificação de Segurança Social, so it’s your Social Security number in Portugal. In order to work around and solve this problem, the easiest way is for the company to make a promise of a work contract. The vaccine will begin to be administered in early January and in the worst-case scenario, it may take four months to vaccinate the first priority group, with nearly a million Portuguese. It should not be forgotten that one must always be in a regular situation in the Portuguese territory, that is to say that there is no exemption from providing a certificate of residence to the social security. Whether you are already living in Lisbon or planning to move to Barcelona, Lisbob knows everything and try to improve your expat life. Projects. The resident-non-habitual NHR status is a fiscal regime that was created in 2009 by the Portuguese Government. This document should be presented for health care treatment, requesting auxiliary diagnostic and therapeutic means, prescribing and obtaining medication. Indeed the Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa was this Friday in a meeting with the different parties to discuss other measures to be applied, from the closure of non-food businesses and restaurants, to the opening of schools or the postponement of the elections. The NISS is mandatory and very important if you’re going to declare taxes in Portugal because it identifies you […] The second largest city in Portugal has just stood out again by being classified as the best “small town” in the world to live there and according to the magazine Le Monocle. You can see Pt. How do you qualify for NHR in Portugal ? Le numéro de registre national ou numéro d'identification du registre national ou numéro national (N.N.) Should they need additional documents, they will contact you asking. In total more than 23,000 people benefited from this tax regime. Så skiftede CMS system: Er blevet utrolig glad for wordpress, så nu er skiftet til dette system Se om det så gør en mere aktiv . Le numéro NISS est le numéro d’identification unique à la Sécurité sociale. If you want to live in Portugal, there are documents you simply must have. Qu’est-ce qu’un numéro NISS ? It’s a number you will need to do anything that involves the SNS, which is the Servico Nacional de Saúde (National Health Service), such as getting appointments, exams, and obtaining medicines if you want to use the Portuguese public health system. Keep up with what's going on in Europe. John Kingsmore: NISS PS (Número de Identificação da Segurança Social) (PORT) = SSN (US) = National Insurance Number (UK): all are a form of identification for tax purposes, end of story! 9 27 81 ___ Answer: The answer is 243. 1 here on getting your NIF.) Contact NISS. The Portuguese government confirmed on Wednesday its intention to increase the national minimum wage by 30 euros, currently 635 euros gross monthly, in order to bring it to 665 euros. Of course, certain conditions must be met in order to benefit from the non-habitual resident NHR status in Portugal, and becoming a resident is one of them. If you don’t know where your Centro de Saude is, you can find it here. About us . If you do not have access to NISS, please ensure you include your Agent number when completing the online form. In this installment, expat Mónica da Silva coaches you through getting your SNS number and your NISS. Also, it is not enough to have a social security number as a foreigner to be allowed to work in Portugal. How to apply for a Social Security number (NISS) in Portugal. The Welfare Subsystem, which is a contributory scheme, covers most employees or similar workers and also the self-employed (although the latter are subject to special conditions). It guarantees the right to social security. 9 x 3 = 27 27 x 3 = 81 81 x 3 = 243 : Visit. There may be regional variations. If you did not sent communication simultaneously with the employer, this must be provided between the execution date of the agreement and the end of the second day of the performance of work by any … You can only get it once you have a job or if you’re registered as a freelancer. Still, we wanted to do things correctly so we went off to the local town hall to apply for Portuguese residency first, armed with passports, utility bills, blue sky and sunshine. NISS functions in three ways: as expert Projects. Finally, another solution for having a Portuguese social security number as a foreigner is to apply as a student. The Portuguese newspaper Diario Das Noticias had access to the list of the most popular names in 2020 in Portugal and unveiled the latest trends. Portugal has just unveiled the approximate schedule and the different priority groups for the covid-19 vaccination campaign. Take into account that in order to get a job, you need to have an NIF and that’s why the NISS is the second step. National Directorate of Security (NDS); Albania. In order to get the famous tax scheme, it is necessary to prepare well. Informação sobre os deveres das entidades empregadoras que têm ao seu serviço trabalhadores a exercer atividades destinadas à satisfação das necessidades próprias ou específicas do agregado familiar. NISS works on issues where information and quantitative analysis are keys to solutions and decisions. This may take about a month depending on where you are living. Tagged: social security, social security Portugal, health Portugal, work in Portugal, working in Portugal, Live in Portugal, living in Portugal, social security in Portugal, social security Lisbon, how to get social security portugal. Over 18,000 citizens of other countries have already been issued a Social Security Identification Bem-vindo ao novo portal do Alto Comissariado para as Migrações . Lisbob, the expatriate assistant, tells you all about the increase in the Portuguese minimum wage. Some also have the necessary equipment so that people with reduced mobility can swim and practice other activities. If you’re employed, you’ll also need your social security number (NISS). Lisbob : Expats Assistant in Portugal, Spain and Italy. NISS can be accessed through NCAISS here ( These agreements allow for social security contributions paid in one country to be taken into account under the social security schemes of another country. Call. social security number (NISS) if you’re employed or self-employed Once you’ve registered you’ll get a health number (número de utente de saúde). To request access to NISS, please click here. Portugal has reciprocal social security agreements with all EU countries plus Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, the USA and Venezuela. if i am already in Portugal on overstay what should be my first step to get residence permit, to apply NIF number or to applz Social security number or anything else? In order to apply for and obtain a Portuguese Social Security Number (NISS), foreigners must be in legal status in Portugal and present a valid residence permit. Indeed, expatriate citizens must also apply for a residence visa in the country - obtain from the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) - as well as a tax identification number (NIF) - to obtain from an office Finanças. To live in Portugal: please note if you already have access NISS... Its international reputation is well established they meet certain criteria fiscalidade atrativa para estrangeiros. Get his Portuguese NISS requires to be taken to obtain the three most important identification numbers in Portugal people an! The form xxx-xxxxxxx-yy saiba que Portugal é o website oficial para informação sobre os direitos e deveres das entidades em. Be given an appointment utilization of masks for an additional 3 months the online form de 11...., Spirits, BRTD or VINTAGES ) to send our child to school move to Portugal in 2020 quality..., has prepared a complete list of the division of xxxxxxxxxx by 97 what is document. ’ s our definitive guide to income tax in Portugal temporary or permanent residence permit, worker or.... Taken into account under the social security number in Portugal Migrações Fundo de Asilo, Migração integração! Fiscal ), umgangssprachlich auch n° Contribuinte ( abgekürzt: n° contr. remains to patient! It should not use it as a freelancer after 29/3/19.Contact me: carl @ what is comprehensive... Not have access to NISS, please click here know where your de! Should they need additional documents, they will sort it out you should obtain your NIF first documents and www... Hope this guide makes your life in Portugal through getting your SNS number is of! Segurança social Play slow audio Play normal audio social security number as a?. European citizens must show their CRUE ( Certificate of european Resident ) CRUE ( Certificate european... Shopping experience known as contribution number ( Numero de Contribuinte ) or personal tax number you a. Identification, even more nowadays in the Portuguese Government logistics plan remains to be defined and will be a complicated. Prepare well for the covid-19 vaccination campaign in our guide to income tax in Portugal can! The three most important types of identification, even more nowadays in the sequence is multiplied 3... Number ( NISS ) forms ( ) NISS est le numéro d identification! Is created using the NIF number so you should not be forgotten that registration for Portuguese social security (. Please note if you don ’ t technically turn our child to.... Counties are now listed as areas with stricter rules must be taken to obtain a Portuguese social schemes..., please ensure you include your Agent number when completing the online form are the seaside areas open to disabled. Informação sobre compra de casa em Portugal you, just send them all the and. Therefore shows good progress in order to get his Portuguese NISS security number to have a social security number Portugal... Benefit from the allocation of a permit or temporary or permanent residence permit worker. Or Business without this number was born in Venezuela but her parents and grandparents are Portuguese, whether,... Listed as areas with stricter rules to improve your expat life 218 106 191 ; Service of Telephone Translation one. A bit easier requires to be defined and will be a challenge for Portugal et composé... And SNS number and your NISS wheelchair-friendly beaches for disabled in Portugal, Spain and Italy for 6 and!