For instance, the following table shows the current value for one gram and one ounce of 14 K gold compared to 24K and 10 K gold. While selling to a pawn shop means you don’t have to ship your gold and silver, keep in mind that pawn shops will offer the lowest return on your investment, as mentioned earlier. The answer to your question is a 14K Gold ring is worth about 40–50% of the scrap price of current gold that day. One of the most common questions we get is how much is used gold worth or how much do we pay for gold. You should get 60-70% from an outright sale if the ring is not engraved or shows signs of wear. After comparing the price of 14K gold per gram that the pawn shop offers with its value on the market, you will notice a big difference. Unless there's some additional collectible value, any shop is going to pay a little back of spot and sell for a little premium over spot. However, you can always ask around or check the details. Now, when you know your gold’s value and what to expect, let’s visit the pawn shops. How much do pawn shops pay for 14k gold? This is the lowest level of “gold jewelry” manufactured. Gold maintains its value therefore brings higher loan amounts. If you have 10k gold jewelry, you can sell it for $16.35 per gram, and 14k gold jewelry can be sold for 423.50 per gram. However, the retail price tag at the time of the initial purchase is deceiving. With a golden ring on a finger, not only do we feel married, engaged, or elegant, but we also feel financially secured. The amount pawn shops will pay for gold depends on several factors. On the contrary, 8K, 9K, and 10K gold are the least expensive as they have less than 50% precious metal. If the ring is broken, scratched, or a piece misses, that will significantly decrease its value. Not so often, it happens that you come into possession of a valuable ring with the heritage. We are proud to have our Head of Laboratory, Alan Jensen, on board. Most pawn shops only offer between 40% and 60% of your gold ring’s value but that is too less money. Pawn Your Jewelry. For example, as of the day of writing this article pawn shops pay around $1250 for an ounce of pure gold. Compare prices, find the most favorable place, and bargain for the best possible price. for 10 k . for 10 k . The size of your transaction will also play a role in how you’ll want to sell. For example, if the gold spot price is $1475 per ounce (1 ounce = 31.1 grams), that translates to $47.43 per gram. How do pawn shops calculate the value of gold jewelry? Today, we want to discuss the price you can expect to get paid at a pawn shop and if it’s smart to sell gold to a pawn shop. Liz Hernandez. Yes, there are some really reliable buyers but they are very hard to find and rare. Herein, how much does a 14k gold rope chain weight? In the US, you can find 10K, 14K, 18K, and 24K gold. First, you need a lot of experience to interpret the testing results correctly, and second, if you do the testing wrong, the outcome can be totally inaccurate. The best option is that you are a skillful negotiator and manage to persuade the pawn shop owner to buy your ring for 75% of its estimated price. When you have the 24K gold, that means it contains 24 of all 24 units of gold. Use this online pawn calculator to find out how much you can get for your jewelry, tools, phone and tablets, sports accessories, TV and audio equipment, computers, cameras, electronics, video games, music, household and other items. Therefore, make sure to clean and polish your ring if you are skilled or have extra time. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to pawn a diamond ring, its value will be measured similarly to the process by which the value of gold jewelry is calculated. Although gold is a precious metal, very valuable and always in high demand, pawn shops usually won’t offer you a great deal on it. 1 decade ago. Grandma's silverware is going to get a different price from vintage rounds/bars or ASEs or low grade 90% silver coins. Multiply 0.585*21.4 to get 12.51grams. When you pay the loan back, you’ll get your 14k white gold diamond wedding ring out of pawn. Since they always know the buyers’ price of gold, they are often ready to pay more money to be competitive and takeover the possible customers. To be sure you are not tricked for the real gold ring price, you can always ask to see their license to sell and buy gold. Most pawn or trade shops can give someone a recent value. How much do pawn shops pay for 14k gold? With 17 stores and growing we are the largest chain of pawn shops in Canada. Because people spend large sums on fine jewelry, they expect large offers for these items in return. The factors that affect it can be different. Stay away from pawn shops and gold buyers, ... "The multiple tips to pay attention to. The gold will have a higher price as the currency value decreases. If a pawn shop offers you $720 for jewelry, what is it likely worth? You won't get that much at a pawn shop. Also, that is on pure 24 karat. Provide the gold buyer you are talking to the proper Karat of Gold you are selling example: 10k 14K 18K.